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One-on-One Beginner Microblading Course

I used to see photos of gorgeous brows & never thought my work would reach that level. Next thing I knew, I was my own biggest fan! Becoming a microblading artist was the best decision I have ever made. I love my career, and I absolutely love teaching.  Each course is one-on-one and tailored for every student, which has proven to create talented, knowledgeable, passionate and CONFIDENT new artists. So many of my students have gone on to run their own (VERY successful) brow businesses, and that could totally be you!

This is a three-day course but it comes with lifetime access to me! I’ll be your biggest fan and supporter. Since every training is customized to meet your needs, the schedule is up to you. Reach out to me with your availability and I can let you know some potential dates for you to embark on the career of your DREAMS!



Artist, Owner, & Educator

What is Taught?

What's Included?

A Comprehensive Three-Day Journey

Our in-depth, one-on-one beginner microblading training course takes place over three days and can either be completed consecutively or with breaks to give you some more practice time.  This course covers all aspects of microblading, from beginning to end, and involves a lot of hands-on practice, including watching a demonstration procedure, working on paper, fake skin, a dummy head, and eventually a live model.

The only pre-requisite for my beginner course is your Tattoo Artist License (a short, online class). This will allow you to work on a live model during your training which is crucial before setting out on your own as a microblading artist. I also complete a live demonstration for you of an initial microblading procedure so that you can have a front-row seat to the process. I only offer one-on-one courses because every student has a different background and learns in different ways and each class is tailored to fit the needs of each individual.

Your Career Awaits

The total cost of $3,200 is all-inclusive. Half ($1,600) is due upon booking as a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot, and the remaining half is due on the first day of class.  

The price includes a beginner’s kit that contains everything that you need to start out your career including the necessities for your first 10 clients (a $4,000 value). In addition, all students of 904 Brows gain lifetime access to Sophia for any advice, questions, or shadowing for the duration of their careers. We truly want to set you up for success in this booming industry. 

Inquire today and take the first step toward a creative, fulfilling future!

At 904 Brows, we honor your uniqueness by enhancing your features with authentic, natural-looking microblading transformations.